About BreathAmerica and the BreathAmerica Difference

When you have trouble breathing, everything in your life is harder. Do you have time to drive all over town looking for a specialist? Why not visit one location, one center, where allergists, internists, and airway specialists are at your fingertips, ready to treat all your symptoms. That’s the BreatheAmerica difference. 


Rather than looking at your breathing problems in isolation, our allergic, sinus, and asthma treatment centers are designed around the nature of your conditions. The symptoms you suffer don’t happen in isolation. They have important underlying causes and triggers, and from your very first visit you’ll understand why you suffer, and how to control your symptoms. 


After your first visit to BreatheAmerica, you’ll have a plan designed just for you. Our treatment centers are located in New Mexico but we accept patients from across the United States. One visit to our treatment centers and you’ll see the BreatheAmerica difference. 

Company Overview

If you’re suffering from a breathing condition, every aspect of your life is harder. You’ve seen the ads that say millions of people are suffering just like you and billions of dollars are going towards solving this problem – but why isn’t anyone getting better? 

They try to give you an overnight ‘cure’ and in return you get fleeting relief for one symptom that returns as soon as the pill wears off. 

We won’t promise a quick fix, because we know they don’t work. 

We want to give you real, long-term solutions to your conditions. We want to bring you the healthcare you deserve, to get you back to the life you want to live – a life of feeling good again. 


That’s the BreatheAmerica Difference. 

Rather than market the latest pill or device to solve all your airway conditions, we promise a personalized solution to your specific airway conditions and symptoms. 

You’ll see the difference, starting with your first visit to one of our healthcare centers. 

At each BreatheAmerica center, you’ll find a team of physicians and nurses who will walk you through a program designed for you, focused on your conditions. 

For our allergy patients, after one visit, you’ll understand the root cause of your symptoms, and leave with a personalized treatment plan. Our dedicated education staff, well-versed in the latest medical thinking, technology, and protocol, is there to help you regain control of your health. 

We do all of this because we believe that everyone has a right to feel their best, and have built our patient-care model off of the simple philosophy of providing health care with integrity, respect, passion and excellence. 

Breathe America and Aspire Allergy & Sinus

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Aspire Allergy & Sinus, expanding our clinical treatment offerings in 2021.

One Airway

The air we breathe passes through our nose and into our lungs. This relationship between the nose and lungs has been recognized for more than a century and seriously studied for the last 20 years, but many people treat allergies, sinuses, asthma and other breathing problems as unrelated. 


Did you know that more than half of all asthma sufferers also have allergies? Or that more than 75% of all chronic sinus infections are triggered by allergies? Or, that allergic reactions trigger episodes of asthma and sinus infections more often than not? 

The relationship between the nose, lungs, and airway is clear; the upper airway is closely linked to the lower airway, so why focus on only one part? 


At BreatheAmerica we understand there is, One Airway, and focus on the entire airway to provide complete and total relief from your condition.