The BreatheAmerica Difference

Allergies, asthma, and sinusitis. All airway conditions, all-debilitating for millions of Americans. Rather than sending you around town, chasing down specialists, and fighting conflicting opinions for each condition, BreatheAmerica provides one treatment center for all breathing problems in a way that is patient centric.

The symptoms you suffer don’t happen in isolation. They are often related to each other, with important underlying causes and triggers. Any visitor to a BreatheAmerica center will leave with a personalized treatment plan, designed to help you to control your symptoms and feel good again.

Our goal is that you’ll leave your first visit with a complete understanding of the root cause of your symptoms, and be confident in your control plan. Are you ready to breathe easier? Learn more about what we do, and find a center near you.

One Airway

The air we breathe passes through our nose and into our lungs. This relationship between the nose and lungs has been recognized for more than a century and seriously studied for the last 20 years, but many people treat allergies, sinuses, asthma and other breathing problems as unrelated.

Did you know that more than half of all asthma sufferers also have allergies? Or that more than 75% of all chronic sinus infections are triggered by allergies? Or, that allergic reactions trigger episodes of asthma and sinus infections more often than not?

The relationship between the nose, lungs, and airway is clear; the upper airway is closely linked to the lower airway, so why focus on only one part?

At BreatheAmerica we understand there is, One Airway, and focus on the entire airway to provide complete and total relief from your condition.


Whether it’s allergy treatment due to food or seasonal allergies or asthma and sinusitis, all the way to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) issues, the physicians at BreatheAmerica are able to provide solutions that help you and the one’s you love get back to living life. We’re here to help you. To do that, we evaluate all of your symptoms and concerns, viewing the entire airway as one system. We combine the experience and expertise allergists, immunologists, ENTs, pulmonologists, and respiratory specialists in one location so, within one visit, you can have the answers you’ve not found elsewhere and have a treatment solution that will help you breathe easy again.

We understand what it is like to struggle with allergies, asthma, and sinus problems; and we know how to treat the core issue not just the symptoms. The symptoms you suffer don’t happen in isolation. They are often related to each other, with important underlying causes and triggers. Let our provider and practitioners help you breathe and rest easier today!

Online Referrals

Gone are the days of fax. BreatheAmerica now offers online patient self referrals. Fill out the form through the link below and your referral will be sent directly to us.

Patient Self Referrals here.



Hear it from people who have experienced the Breathe America difference.

Kathy W.

I came to Breathe America in a bad state. I could not breathe; I was wheezing and could not sleep at night. After one visit I went home and finally, no wheezing, I could breathe and slept 9-1/2 hours! Thank you Breathe America, for diagnosing me correctly and changing my life.

Lizz Givens

My son is treated amazingly. Staff is wonderful and the office is very convenient.

Rudy Myers

I am grateful for Breathe America. Rather than simply treating my son’s asthma, we established the root cause of his symptoms, and took a different course entirely.

Jacqueline Herrera

There was no long to wait to be seen and the staff and nurse Sheila were very knowledgeable.

Lyle Montoya

A nice, clean facility. The staff was very friendly and professional. We would recommend this establishment to our friends and family. Thank you!