Best Vacation Destinations for Asthmatics


If you have asthma, you probably find yourself daydreaming about the fresh air that accompanies a beach vacation! We’re with you—nothing is better! Except, maybe, these other fresh air destinations! Here are a few American cities at the top of our list:

Austin, Texas

Austin is an “It” city right now, and for good reason! There’s hiking, beautiful scenery, a thriving art scene, and some of the best restaurants (did somebody say “tacos?!”) in the country. And, even more importantly, it boasts few allergens and a wonderful climate for most of the year.  It’s worth noting that another Texas town, Abilene, has a remarkably low asthma rate. Maybe your next family vacation needs to be a road trip through the beautiful state of Texas!

Denver, Colorado

The fresh air of Denver, Colorado is hard to beat! We recommend making this trip in the summer, where you’ll find that the city is surprisingly warm and the air less dry than it can be in the winter months. Enjoy hiking through the Garden of the Gods, a concert at Red Rocks, or the many opportunities for fun the city has to offer—it will be a trip fun both the asthmatics and non-asthmatics in the family!

Portland, Oregon

Not only does Portland provide fresh air, an optimal level of humidity, and a low allergen score, but it also provides a wide range of vacation activities. Whether you’re taking a solo adventure, a couple’s getaway, or a family vacation, Portland has enough to keep everyone happy, busy, and healthy!

Florida & California Beaches

While southern California’s humidity levels are better for year-round travelers, Florida’s beaches provide a beautiful respite for asthmatics mainly in late fall, winter, spring, and early summer. What you’re looking out for is that thick humidity, which can be really uncomfortable for people with asthma. Even if you are there in the heavy humidity months, the beach breezes still provide the kind of fresh air that we crave and the space for leisurely activities that don’t take a toll on those of us with exercise-induced asthma.

All About Planning

While we do recommend considering these locations, it should be noted that ANYWHERE is a perfect asthmatic vacation spot when you’ve done the necessary planning. Plan your outdoor activities for times that are optimal, bring equipment you might need—for you or for your children—in the event of a flare-up, and know your limits. Be safe so that you can have fun!

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