Tips for Navigating Exercise-Induced Asthma


Exercise-induced asthma is a very real, debilitating condition. We don’t want to minimize the symptoms that you may experience if you have this condition.

But we do want to encourage you! With the right treatment plan and with preparation, people with exercise-induced asthma can live very active, sports-filled lives! Trust us, we see it happen every day.

Here are our best tips for achieving an active life, even if you struggle with asthma:

Exercise Regularly

We know—this seems like a catch 22. But if you avoid exercise because you’re afraid of experiencing the painful symptoms of asthma, you could actually be causing your symptoms to be more severe!

Instead of starting a hard, cardio-based exercise class out of the blue, you should start by regularly incorporating a walk into your daily routine.

Over time, speed that up so that you can gradually stretch your lung capacity! In time, you’ll be able to participate in the harder workouts with much more ease.

Be Prepared

These tips are simple. Remember to have your inhaler with you at all times, and bringing it to your workout stops seeming like such a hassle! Another—super important—way to be prepared is to be sure that you hydrate!

This is important for anyone participating in exercise and is ESPECIALLY vital for those of you with asthma. Being dehydrated can exacerbate asthma symptoms, making it harder to perform at the best of your ability.

Get Your Timing Right

Lastly, think about the timing of your workout. Are you working out at peak pollen hour? Then some allergy triggers may be making your asthma symptoms worse! Train yourself to regularly check the pollen count in your area, so that you can choose the days and times of your workouts for when they’ll be easier for you to carry out.

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